Måndag den 23 okt MILJÖL Helén Axelsson Fossil Free Fe from SE

Stockholm 20171023 Kl 17-20
Most welcome to MILJÖL/ENVIRONMENTALE Monday 23rd October, Fossil Free Fe from SE.
Steel is an enabler for a lot of things that we take for granted in society. Housing, transport, health care, energy… Numerous things are made of, or by means of, steel. To meet the needs of a growing world the recycled steel is not enough and we need to use iron ore to produce new steel. Today carbon is used in the process which is the main emission of CO2 from the steel industry. In a sustainable society this could be done with hydrogen (H2), which would emit water instead of CO2. This is an exciting ambition which may have effects on wider industrial development in Sweden.
Come, join in and grab a beer. Put your questions to our key note speaker Helén Axelsson from Jernkontoret.
You don’t have to be an engineer, nor an artist, to feel warmly welcomed.
MILJÖL/ENVIRONMENTALE is arranged by Engineers and Artists for the Environment, based on the foundation of peer-reviewed science: FSSD – Framework for Strategic Sustainable Development.
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The ENVIRONMENTAL motto since 1996: “It has to be pleasant to save the planet” is as valid as ever.
Venue: Citykonferensen, Malmskillnadsgatan 46, Stockholm.
AW opens at 17:00 in pub Oxsvansen and the speaker starts around 18:00.
Co-organiser: www.stepshub.se
Well met!